The University of Nicosia in collaboration with the research center CARDET, under the co-financing of European Returns Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, have organized a training seminar on Assisted Voluntary Returns (AVR), which was held on May 9th 2014 at the University of Nicosia. A number of issues, regarding assisted voluntary returns, were discussed, with a particular emphasis on the phases of the return process, as they derive from European directives. In brief, the following topics were discussed:

  • Presentation of the program VRENET,
  • Presentation of the web platform VRENET (,
  • Definitions and interpretations on voluntary returns,
  • Incentives for voluntary return,
  • European and International Practices on voluntary return programs,
  • Stages of Return,
  • National Legislation,
  • Voluntary return programs in Italy, Spain and Hungary.

Particular interest was displayed in the illustration the practice examples of three European countries, Italy, Spain and Hungary which currently implement or have completed AVR programmes. Representatives from governmental agencies, voluntary and private organisations were attended. The results are considered as important as various ideas and views were exchanged for the development of possible AVR programmes in Cyprus.


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